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How to Match a Veil with a Wedding Dress

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Every bride is unique, and every bridal gown and wedding dress veil should be as unique as each individual bride. There are many different styles of wedding veils, with long, chapel length veils through to vintage, shorter veils and everything else in between. Choosing a wedding veil takes some thinking, as there are different things to consider, such as the style and colour of the wedding dress, the venue where you are getting married and the overall theme of the wedding (which you might want to match your entire wedding attire to). Alongside that, the practicalities of your wedding dress and the veil must also be taken into consideration.

Whatever you end up deciding to don with your choice of wedding veil, you should always seek out expert advice to help you through the process. When going for a wedding dress fitting at your chosen bridal boutique, make sure you try on some different types of veils. There are a few tips that you can use find your wedding veil.

The first is to think about your choice of wedding dress. The shape and style of your wedding dress will go a long way to helping you choose your wedding veil, as in principle, the veil should always accentuate the shape of the dress and be proportional in size with the dress. The idea is that the veil should be an elegant addition to your wedding dress and not distract from it or disrupt the natural flow of the gown. Different styles of wedding dress will be best suited to different types of veils.

Another informing part of your wedding towards the wedding veil is the venue you have chosen. If you have planned a very formal wedding in a formal venue, your choice of dress and veil should reflect this, and the same if everything is casual. Your veil and wedding dress matching your wedding venue and the theme of the day helps to bring everything together, as the bride is the centre of attention. This also plays into the hairstyle that you choose on the day, which also has an impact on the wedding veil that you choose. You have to be as comfortable as possible on the day, and if your wedding veil will get in the way of your hairstyle or vice versa, it can have an impact on the rest of the day.

It is important that you choose a wedding veil with the help of an expert bridal boutique. There are some beautiful wedding veils to choose from, and every single one will provide you with a unique item to add to your unique bridal gown and event. There are many different styles and requests from brides and finding the right veil puts the finishing touches to the wedding look. If you get it wrong, it can cause all sorts of worries for the bride on her big day, from the look and aesthetic of the wedding right through to the practicalities of wearing the veil on the day.

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